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Video Production

Our team provides video production services that can turn your ideas into captivating visual stories. We have skilled artists, storytellers, and technicians who work together to create a cinematic experience that will truly enhance your brand.

Live Events 

Elevate your live events to new heights with our artistic touch. Immerse your audience in a world of magic, leave a lasting impression, and make your event truly unforgettable with our live event production services.

Post Production

Bring your project to the next level with our artful post-production services. Let our team of experts refine and elevate your vision, adding the final touches that bring your story to life.

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Craft engaging and captivating content that connects with your audience and delivers your message with clarity and impact. Amplify your voice and set you apart from a crowded marketplace

Podcast & Content Production

About Our Business

Hello! Maniac offers comprehensive multimedia production services, managing everything from ideation to post-production under one roof for your convenience.



Our team excels at creativity and has received awards for their art and production. We are experts in bringing your project to fruition with ease and skill. Whether you require fresh ideas for your next commercial or a talented storyteller to bring your vision to life, just give us a call. We will surpass your expectations and deliver your project with excellence.

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Maniac team has put together visually stunning video productions that bring the messages of the Denard for the U.S. Senate campaign to life. I am honored to recommend, and uplift this black woman-owned business, and I am already looking forward to working on our next project together.

Denard I.

Candidate for U.S Senate

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Tel: 213-679-2130

7083 Hollywood BVD  Suite #500

Los Angeles CA 90028

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Maniac Media 

Services I Offered

– Storyboards– Animatics– Previsualizations– Casting– Set Design & Construction– Location Scouting & Planning

* Research* Video Strategy *Content *Planning *Creative Development   * Directors *Treatments*Script Writing 


Pre Production

– Editing & Color Grading– 2D & 3D Animation– Motion Graphics– Visual Effects and Compositing– Voice Over– Music Licensing & Composing​

– On-Location Production– Studio Production– Crew & Equipment– Photography– FAA Licensed Drone Pilots– Logistics & Coordination


Post Production

- In House Engineers

-A/V Editing 

- Quick Delivery For YT Creators


- Panel discussions

- Team-building events

- Festivals- Trade shows

-Stage Design -  Concerts 

- Award shows -AV/ Production 

Live / Event Production

Podcast Production

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